GIDEADOT is the service that consumers give their ideas to the companies who need some help and then get the reward back. So it can help each other share their thought.

Campaign for creators and companies

A compaign is a unit of consumer research to collect their feedback for your product or service.

Supports by consumers

Creators(small businesses) are always curious about consumers' feedbacks. Consumers can sponsor their campaigns with great ideas. Even if you don't have an idea, you can sponsor it through SNS sharing.

Idea Editor is.... a function of GIDEADOT that allows you to visually express your ideas, so you can simply bring your own cool photos, edit them, and put nice phrases in them.

Rewards by creators and companies

To the participants who sponsored the campaign with their own ideas, the creator can provide rewards with points, products, or services. Currently there are three types of rewards: Gideadot, Ideadot, and Bigmouth Star.

GIDEADOT's Characters : Cool Tommy&Fool Gary

gideadot characters
These characters guide to feel customers easy when using GIDEADOT service and now serve on the App Store & Line Store as the App Sticker with the name “Cool Tommy&Fool Gary”. Tommy is always cool. She never hesitate to tell facts even in front of her boss, Gary. Let's check what's gonna happen between them!