Orientypes is a small startup which has started to do the Design IT service with Asian culture themes since August 2014 and did many tries to develop DESIGN ON DEMANDs. As a design company, we have produced many graphics and products like stationary, fashion products, design resources which are based on the Asian concepts and did our best to test their possibility in the world market. Further more, recently we have created several Webs and Apps with our same concepts, for example GIDEAODT and Pick Tattoo. Nowadays we are focusing our abilities and experiences on the GIDEADOT which is the idea-share service in Korea.

Keywords: Design, on-Demand, Asianic, DIT (Design IT)

Our Goal: Grow Together is the best way to survive.

About CEO: https://www.linkedin.com/in/orientypes




180K $

Webs & Apps

Stickers & Themes

Design Products

Funded (2016)



Gideadot is the IDEA-SHARE platform service on the Web & App. Through campaigns people can exchange their thoughts each other between companies and customers on the our service. We opened it now as a beta.


PICK TATTOO is a simulation app for our 12 animal tattoo stickers before you use it in the real life. So try it variously and pick your favorites! And then try to take a picture of it with others, like your body or belongings. You can also purchase them by clicking the button "BUY".


ORIENTYPES was a Web/App service with various Asian designs users can edit and re-create into DIY products. It helped you use the oriental words in its templates and even read the words easily. But we now are using ORIENTYPES as our company site.




We just developed and expanded our logo types, “ORIENTYPES” to this font. It resembles the gold crown of the acient Korean kingdom, Silla. It is perfect for the title designs.


It has been born out while we’re designing “12 Animal Tattoos” Sticker.We designed alphabets which are suit much with tattoos and then expanded them to this font. You can use it every where you want.


DDP in Seoul

Barage Market in Siheung, Kyunggido

Smart Store of Naver


Creative Fabrica


Aug 2018  GIDEADOT’s Beta has been launched.
Dec 2016 Funded from government’s startup support program
May 2016 Seoul Design Fest at DDP in Seoul
Dec 2015 Seoul Design Week at DDP in Seoul
Jun 2015 Design Boom Mart in Berlin
Dec 2014 LeWeb Conference In Paris, France
Dec 2014 Participation at the Demo day for investment in London, UK
Aug 2014 ORIENTYPES was launched.
Dec 2013 Auto romanization algorithm from Korean to English, was achieved.
Jul 2010 Auto romanization algorithm from Korean to English, was developed


If you have any questions or requests, don’t hesitate and send messages to us anytime. And you can email us too.

517ho, 1744 Gwanyang-dong, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Kyunggi-do, South Korea


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