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PICK TATTOO is a simulation app for our 12 animal tattoo stickers before you use it in the real life. So try it variously and pick your favorites! And then try to take a picture of it with others, like your body or belongings. You can also purchase them by clicking the button "BUY".

픽타투로 우리의 열두동물 타투 스티커 제품을 가상으로 시연해볼 수 있는 App 서비스입니다. 12간지를 테마로 디자인한 캐릭터들로 다양하게 구성해보고, 사진을 찍어서 붙이고 싶은 곳에 어울리는지 테스트해볼 수 있으며 바로 구매도 가능합니다.

픽타투 캠페인도 굿아이디어닷에 올라갈 예정이니, 사용 이미지를 많이 많이 올려주세요!


- Rat: It is the first runner among them, so very diligent and witty.
- Bull: Lead a sober, hard working life.
- Tiger: A ball of fire
- Rabbit: An idealist.
- Dragon: Think bigger and do it.
- Snake: So ambitious to bear hardships.
- Horse: Open-mind and favor with merriments.
- Ram: A tender-hearted pacifist.
- Monkey: Positive and active
- Rooster: A great intelligence and beauty.
- Dog: Open-hearted and bright
- Pig: Simple and very strong




Pick one of 12 animal characters, alphabets, emoticons or numbers at first.


Try to test, like putting them on your body or something else with your phone camera. When testing your favorites, your can change its size to put it properly.


After taking a photo with these tattoos, you can share it with your friends or save it to your photo gallery. Or if you want, just press the button “BUY”.




The 12 Animals, Large Size: Maximum 90 x 65mm

The 12 Animals, Small Size: Maximum 40 x 40mm

Alphabets / Numbers / Emoticons: Maximum 14 x 14mm

Materials: Urethane, Glue (CT13-81818/by Korea Conformity Laboratories)

The origin of this concept takes place with the Chinese Zodiac Signs. We made a lot of different sketches in order to find the perfect one to use as tattoos. Finally, we managed to express these animals in a truly Korean Folk style which are well suited for tattoos. You can use them for any kind of occasions and with everyone!

There is also a special font and emoticons in Korean folk style that allow you to create your special message! They also are designed in the folk style. If you want to have full version of this font and use it for commercial uses, please visit CREATIVE FABRICA. (https://www.creativefabrica.com/product/asian-folk-tattoo/)

All you need to do for it is just PRESS IT WITH YOUR FINGER for a while. Because this tattoo is a thermal transfer sticker, you can put it almost anywhere!


- Protect your iPhone with a one-piece, impact resistant hard shell case featuring an extremely slim profile. Simply snap the case onto your iPhone for solid protection.
- Material : Plastic (PC : Poly Carbonate ) / Hard case
- Compatible With (ONLY iPhones) : iPhoneSE, iPhone6/6s, iPhone6/6s Plus, iPhone7, iPhone7 Plus. iPhone8, iPhone8 Plus
- Color : Forest, Sun, Sea
- Motifs : 12 birth year animals

The origin of this concept took place with the 12 BIRTH ANIMAL signs. We designed these animals in a truly Korean Folk style and used special colors from a folk art painting for this luminous iPhone case. So you can see this birth animal in the dark night if you make this phone absorb the light enough.

Check this video for its LUMINUS!

VIDEO LINK : https://youtu.be/QhsbMlWjLIM


- Compatible With : Most models of phones
- 2 Types of Phone Cases : Hard case, Tough case(with soft inner case)
- Different models are available for HARD and TOUGH. So please email us for it.
- Material : Plastic (PC : Poly Carbonate)
- 4 Colors : Tree, Sunset, Earth, Mountain
- Motifs : 12 birth year animals

This design concept is same with the above cases except NOT LUMIOUS. You can see these designs on the most of mobile cases, like Galaxy, Note, LG G and etc.