We created SEAL designs with 12 ANIMAL illustrations designed with Korean folk style. You can see some good words or fortune tellings or wise sayings within these seals. Because these 12 animal characters are connected with your birth year.


*** 12 Birth Animals‘ Stories***
Rat: It is the first runner among them, so very diligent and witty.
Bull: Lead a sober, hard working life.
Tiger: A ball of fire
Rabbit: An idealist.
Dragon: Think bigger and do it.
Snake: So ambitious to bear hardships.
Horse: Open-mind and favor with merriments.
Ram: A tender-hearted pacifist.
Monkey: Positive and active
Rooster: A great intelligence and beauty.
Dog: Open-hearted and bright
Pig: Simple and very strong

Wise Saying Seals illustration - Bull

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